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First time in Virtual Reality?

How to Watch VR?

If you see this icon in Control Bar of the Virtual Tours, you can start VIRTUAL REALITY MODE by pressing it.

​There are a few different ways to view Virtual Reality content. If you don’t already have a way to watch VR, here's how you can get started:

  •  VR Headset – Sit back, relax, and completely immerse yourself by wearing a VR headset. Depending on your budget and existing equipment, there are several options for the best available VR headset. For phone-based viewing, Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 owners can view on Samsung’s GearVR ($79) and Google Pixel owners can use a Daydream View ($79) headset. For maximum resolution and capability, dedicated systems like the Sony Playstation VR ($400, PS4 required), Oculus Rift ($598, PC required), and the HTC Vive ($800, PC required) are the premium options that utilize game consoles or a computer as the engine. 

  • Cardboard VR Viewer – The fastest and easiest viewing method is with Google Cardboard. Choose a headset from as little as $15 to turn any smartphone into a device that can allow you to view these videos in full 360. Make sure to use headphones or earbuds to enjoy the full stereo audio experience with each piece.

  • Mobile Phone – No headset or cardboard? You can still watch VR videos on your mobile device. After selecting an experience, move your phone through the air or swipe on the video to view in every direction.

  • Web Player – If you’d rather stick to watching 360 VR from your desktop or laptop, feel free to watch via web players, on Facebook, or YouTube by using your mouse to scroll around the 360 video. This simulates the 360 experience but does not truly replicate the power of immersion that headset viewing creates.

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