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Westgate, RHK Quarter, Kilmainham, St. Johns Road West, Dublin, Ireland​

design:    Reddy Architecture

scope of work:   construction package  | zakres prac: projekt wykonawczy

The development comprise of an impressive six to nine storey office block over basement parking  and storage. It is a landmark third generation office building designed to the highest environmental standards incorporating mixed mode ventilation strategies and a full height central atrium which enhances the quality of the space while supporting the natural ventilation strategy of the building.
​The building is constructed of reinforced concrete frame and core construction with granite clad  core elements linked by expanses of twin skin glazed curtain walling. The exposed concrete structure forms part of the environmental strategy of the building while enhancing the architectural  quality of the space. A specially designed ceiling console is suspended within each concrete  coffer, which incorporates the lighting and electrical services for the office spaces below.

The building features a façade of extensive twin skin glazed areas between the stone clad  cores. This glazed façade comprises of a doubled layered, or 'twin skin’ system which supports the natural  ventilation strategy of the building and also acts as a thermal buffer while achieving the intended  architectural theme of transparency with improved views and enhanced daylighting to all office areas. 

The transparent outer skin comprises of frameless planar glazing which is supported on slim s/s  rods from the high level structural steel gallows and is fixed with 'spider-like' button fixings. 

The inner skin double glazing is designed to achieve a high solar performance targeted at maximising  the ingress of natural light whilst curtailing the entry of solar heat. Openable windows in this curtain  wall into the twin skin thermal flue are manually operable by building occupants, whilst being managed by the building management 'intellegence' system which will override the manual controls  if the environmental conditions deem necessary. 

Direct solar radiation is largely eliminated by motorised venetian blinds within the twin skin which  are linked to the building management system, and operate in conjunction with the external temperature, solar irradiance and solar altitude.

Site area: 6,120 sqm
Gross internal  area: 25,649  sqm
Nett internal area: 19,336  sqm

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