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ul. Wiejska, Bialystok, Poland​

client:       MARK-BUD, Bialystok, Poland​​​​​

design:     ARCH-ITO

​scope of work:  planning application,  construction package, 3d visualization

zakres prac:  pozwolenie na budowę, projekt wykonawczy, wizualizacje

This  residential  and  commersial  building  is designed as penetration of two solids - one is steel balconies and second main body made from yellow bricks.  It  is  4  levels  building,  ith  basement  and  two entresols.  On  ground  floor  there  are  commercial premises.  Car  spaces  and  technical  rooms  located in  basement.  The  building  has  flat  roof  with  green garden on top in lower part of building. This is one from four building  in develpment plan for this area.

Site area:     4,646 sqm

Gross internal area:     6,705 sqm
Nett internal area:      5,227 sqm
Cubature:     21,456 cum
Number of apartments: 50
Number of commercial units:  7

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