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Vilnius, Lithuania

design & 3D render: ARCHIVIS


The university building is located in architectural heritage area of Vilnius. With a wonderful location surrounded by historic buildings, the land has a history of involvement in the life of Vilnius. Vilnius Old Town is included into the UNESCO Heritage lists as one of the largest and most beautiful Old Towns in Central and East Europe, which had a considerable influence on the cultural and architectural development of the Eastern Europe in the 13th through the 18th century. The design of a new university in the very centre of Vilnius downtown has become a challenge. Distinct modernism buildings playing solo in the neighbourhood have determined the altitude and perimeter building line. The monumental scale of the building, the heroic rhythm of the windows and cornices and the combination of large areas of glazing and sandstone with the austere of the facade bind together surroundings (convent and church) which vary considerably in style and character.
The interior of the central top-lit hall, the main entrance area and escalator shafts and details of the interior decor, such as the marble inlay of the walls and columns, the light fittings and balustrades, determine the style of this classic 21th century. Internal courtyard is closed by surrounding buildings and composes ideal space for contemplation and prayer, individual reflection, meditation of their students. The courtyard is formed with walkways immersed in garden and water (water is a symbol of life which is honored in many cultures).

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