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Dublin Road, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin,  Ireland

project:  The O'Toole Partnership Architects

scope of work:   preliminary design, 3D visualizations, 360panorama  

zakres prac: projekt koncepcyjny, 3D wizualizacje, fotomontaże, 360panorama


As a response the local context such a mixed-use development could offer deliver local commercial and retail services such as: science and technology based offices, restaurant and leisure facilities and possible hotel accommodation with associated medical/rehabilitation centre.
The proposed building has been designed to provide flexible space which can accommodate all of the above uses.
The form of the building consist of two geometrical, solid wings, clad in dark-grey natural stone. The building opens up to the public green space to the north and main road junction to the south. Both forms are divided by the glazed atrium with the main lift cores. A glazed wall continues around the ground floor of both wings of the building giving lightness to the whole structure.
The building is located on the slope falling from the south to the north. It is designed to take the excavated sloping ground into consideration , allowing additional floor space to be located partially underground on the southern edge. This creates an elevated dynamic frontage to the road junction.
The proposed building reises from 3 (east wing) to 4 storeys (west wing). Upper geometrical forms are clad in dark-grey natural stone. To provide the required number of parking spaces, two levels of underground parking have been proposed with total number of 239 spaces. An additional 8 parking spaces have been provided at the ground floor level.
The mix and massing of the proposal delivers a development quantum of 8841sqm (95163 sqft) and a plot ratio of 1.6:1.

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